Our Pastor


Pastor:  Dustin Sample and his Wife, Leslie

I was born and raised in Albia Iowa and lead most of my life as standard American Christian. Church was “somewhat” a part of our lives growing up. I remember resisting The Spirit on more than one occasion in my young life and as I entered my teen years I became antagonistic to the things of Jesus.

I was a “normal” teenager. Not much caring for school but loved every social gathering that was available. I found early in my high school years the lure of alcohol and spent many weekend nights intoxicated.

A year or so after High School I tried marijuana for the first time. It didn’t seem to take long after that I found Meth. This became a driving force in my life in my twenties.  During this haze however I was also introduced to the young lady who would eventually become my wife.

Her name was Leslie Hiatt. She had moved back to Albia from Galesburg after the tragic loss of her Dad due to a drunk driver. She mesmerized me and I even stopped using meth as much as I had. But like every other addict, I was soon drawn back to it. Knowing that she would be against this I convinced her to try it as well. After a night of drinking and drugs she overdosed and had a seizure. After she stopped seizing, she lay on the couch her eyes fixed and dilated. Then she took a breath, blinked, got up and went to bed. After this event she made me choose between her and that drug. I chose her.

We were married October 24 1998 and a year later we were blessed with our first child. After we were blessed with our second child we decided that maybe we should go to church because it would be good for the kids. Finally,  during a revival service at the church,  God brought me to a place where I could no longer resist Him. Leslie and I both completely gave ourselves over to Him that night and He has sent us on and adventure that we could have never imagined.

We met Garrick and Missy at this same church during a time in our life that we were desperately praying for some Christian friends. We could never have imagined then that God would have us work with them in planting a home church.

God soon revealed to Leslie and I that we were to reach out to those in Albia and surrounding communities who are struggling with brokenness .  Broken to Beautiful was born out of this desire to serve Him. We currently meet at The Gate on Wednesday night at 6:30. We are excited to see lives changing and people desiring to serve Jesus

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